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Should I be worried about my partner?


It’s sometimes difficult to admit that someone you really like is deliberately hurting you.

It can also be hard to tell if your partner is being abusive – especially if they tell you that you’re to blame for their actions. But abuse is never your fault. Nothing you do can make your boyfriend/girlfriend abuse you; he alone is responsible.

Here are some simple questions you can ask yourself to help you understand if you are experiencing abuse. If any of the behaviours described below sound familiar, don’t worry – there is support available.


  • Is your boyfriend/girlfriend very jealous and possessive of you?
  • Do they get angry when you want to spend time with your friends or demand that you spend all your time with him?
  • Do they check your phone, email, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter accounts?
  • Do they try and get you to de-friend people on Facebook, take down your photos, or stop you messaging your friends?
  • Are they always calling, texting or messaging you to check where you are and who you’re with?
  • Do the tell you what to wear or how to do your hair?
  • Do they laugh at you or put you down in front of other people?
  • Do they get aggressive? Do they hit, shove, slap or kick you?
  • Do they threaten to harm you – or themselves?
  • Do they call you names?
  • Do they pressure you to have sex when you don’t want to, telling you that “everyone is doing it” or that you would do it “if you really loved them”?



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