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We have been commissioned by LCC Public Health to coordinate and deliver Mental Health First Aid and suicide prevention training.




Public Mental Health Training

We have been commissioned by LCC Public Health to coordinate delivery of Adult and Youth Mental Health First Aid and Suicide Awareness Prevention Courses across Lancashire.

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Delegates attending one of our eligible courses will be able to register to receive an Orange Button pack and become an Orange Button holder. This identifies that the individual has attended one of the following courses;

o YMHFA 2 DAY – F2F or Online,

o MHFA 2 Day F2F or Online,

o Asist and/or safeTALK.

By wearing or displaying an Orange Button at your discretion a member of the community, service user, family or friend are able to approach the holder to ask them for support or information. An Orange Button holder will be able to identify, listen and sign post the individual reaching out for support.

Click here to find out what is the Orange Button Scheme is.

Delegate 1

This was a fantastic course with lots of brilliant information. This course offered practical resources to use with young people such as the stress container model. I plan to use this at work with young people when they need time to talk. Thank you so much for providing such a high-quality course- this training is very very worthwhile and should be completed by many people across the country to increase awareness about mental health first aid and to help eliminate the unhelpful stigma around this topic.

Delegate 2

Excellent half day course, would recommend to anybody, will be signing up for the full 2 day course.

Delegate 3

I found the course very informative with a lot of very useful information, links and further reading/learning that has increased my confidence in addressing mental health with the young people I work with. The amount of information is brilliant and websites, apps and forums that support the course and the use of mental health first aid are fantastic. I will definitely be using them to support my young people and where necessary pointing them in the right direction starting immediately!! Thank you again a great course

Delegate 4

I feel my confidence has greatly improved around mental health issues and I feel more experienced to approach the subject with the children I work with.

Delegate 5

This was a great course, as it has improved my knowledge around mental health. I feel more confident in recognising the different types of mental health and what approach to take when applying first aid to mental health – ALGEE.

Delegate 6

This was an absolutely fantastic course and I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be applying for any future related course and I will definitely be recommending this course. fantastic course and I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be applying for any future related course and I will definitely be recommending this course.

Delegate 7

Really interesting. Working with young people for years through sport but no experience with Mental Health and how to deal with the situation. The last 4 days has enabled me to be confident in supporting young people in these areas and given me a whole new outlook on what may be affecting these young people and how to recognise it! Thank you!

Delegate 8

Thank you so much! The course ( and you ) were excellent.

Delegate 9

Thank You. This has been a very informative and useful course, the trainer was very knowledgeable and I found the collaborative aspect helpful for learning and understanding. Care and attention was considered on the sensitivity of topics and the trainers were very helpful on content, technical and personal issues. The course included great content and resources, I would highly recommend this course for anyone working with young people. 

Delegate 10

I think the course is very eye opening and helpful on how we respond to mental health either with others or within ourselves. I think this a course everyone should do and would like to learn more in the future.

Delegate 11

I have really enjoyed this course which has been well delivered by the course instructor. It has given me a good understanding of mental health problems and I am confident that I will be able to provide first aid to our young people in school and to provide the support and comfort they need and hopefully help them on the road to recovery.

Delegate 12

This course was very informative, useful, interesting and delivered very well. I feel the course has provided me with a valuable tool to use in my job role. THANK YOU!!!

Delegate 13

Very informative course for working with children and young people. The trainer delivered a sensitive topic very well indeed. The trainer also made the course participatory which felt very inclusive, especially when utilising a virtual platform. I would most definitely recommend the course. Thank you very much

Delegate 14

This is the first Zoom on line training course that I have completed, I feel that it went well was nice to see the other participants from other agencies. This half day course was very informative regarding Youth

Delegate 15

The trainer made the Zoom experience engaging, interesting and wanting to learn and understand youth mental health, making me thoroughly enjoy the course and increase my confidence and understanding of mental health in the younger generation.

Delegate 16

I really enjoyed the course. The instructor came across well and had my attention the whole time. I also really enjoyed the group tasks. At first I was anxious but I soon got into it and found them beneficial. The work book that was sent prior was also of really good quality and had really useful information inside. A really good course, well delivered, thank you.

Delegate 17

A great refresher course delivered in a very supportive and informative way. The medium of on-line learning was well organised and I learnt how effective Zoom can be. The course content was pitched at the right level and I feel better equipped to deal with any YP who is showing signs of mental health, thank you.

Delegate 18
The course is very comprehensive and covered far more ground in terms of crisis and situations than I had anticipated. The signposting in the manual is excellent, and coupled with the extra local and regional signposting supplied by the trainer I feel very confident that I have a full tool-belt of information available to support others.


Delegate 19

I have already shouted loud at how good this course has been, I wish many more of our staff could undertake it. Being deputy DSL I daily come across MH concerns and issues but this course has given me confidence and it’ll empower me to feel I can just go that bit further in support and doing the right thing for our young people. Thank you very much.

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