How to keep your mental health, healthy

Your mental health is one of the most important things in life. Healthy mental wellbeing ensures you get the most of what life offers. Good mental health isn’t being in a constant state of happiness. Highs and lows are normal in life, it’s how we deal with them that contributes to good mental health.

We have some tips on how to ensure you are giving your mind the best chance at being healthy:

    • Exercise

Regular exercise has many psychological benefits such as:

      • Better self esteem
      • Release of happy endorphins – endorphins are chemicals your body produces whilst exercising, they trigger positive feelings.
      • Improve stress & anxiety
      • Improves sleep
    • Sleep

Sleep allows your mind to rest and repair, it is as important as eating & drinking.

    • Eating well

What you put into your body is what feed yours minds. Therefore what we eat has influence on how we feel. There is a strong link between sugars and caffeine with mental health. It is important to have a balanced diet and feed our brain good nutrients such as:

      • Vegetables
      • Fruit
      • Fish
      • Plenty of water
    • Talking about how you feel

Talking about how you feel is very important to your mental health. As the saying goes ‘a problem shared, is a problem halved’. As human we go through bad times in our lives and we should always talk to a friend, family member or even a stranger to help us cope with the ups and downs.

    • Drinking in moderation

Drinking can be a form of escape for people suffering with their mental health. However, this is only a short term boost and when the alcohol wears off the mind and body will feel worse.

Stay within the recommended daily alcohol limits:

      • 3 to 4 units a day for men.
      • 2 to 3 units a day for women.

Many people also smoke or use drugs or other substances to change how they feel. But similar to alcohol, the affects wear off and problems still remain.

    • Ask for help

Emotions are powerful things and sometimes it can get overwhelming dealing with them. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. We have a service called evolve that offers young people and adults supported by SafeSpace, PDVI, The Lookout and Early Family Support, access to free counselling and life skills support. If you would like to be referred, please ask your support worker.